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Photograph Organising

In 2017 approximately 1.3 trillion photos were taken and nowadays almost 80% of digital photos never leave the phone/camera.  

Do you feel overwhelmed by printed photos stored in many areas of your home?  What would happen if there was a fire or flood? Do you want them scanned and backed up?  Would you like to create a photobook as a gift but no idea where to start?

The process of sorting through your photos or those you have inherited can be overwhelming.  It is vital however to organise them so they can be kept safe in special boxes, put into photobooks or albums, scanned and backed up to share for future generations.

Benella trained through the certification programme with The Association of Personal Photograph Organisers in the US and can help with the following:
- Hands on help sorting out printed photographs using the ABC'S method
- Scanning and backing up of photos to be kept
- Design and development of photobooks as gifts or for events

Initial session to assess requirement and begin work on organising - £40 per hour
Scanning printed photographs to digital format - 10p  per photograph



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