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organising and decluttering

Want an organised home but have no idea how to begin clearing and organising?  A wardrobe full of clothes yet nothing to wear? 


With organisation, skill and understanding, Benella offers hands on assistance to help you tackle your clutter demons and regain valuable space in your home and set you on the path to an organised and clutter free life.

A typical De-cluttering session involves:

  • Discussion on which area to start

  • Storage plan

  • Benella supplying bags for waste, recycle and charity 

  • Hands on help clearing

  • Tips and plans for the future

  • Solutions for clutter hot spots

All sessions are completely confidential and non judgemental.

wardrobe declutter closet professional organisation organization declutter

bereavement services

I empathise with the challenges you're facing during this difficult time. Dealing with household possessions after the loss of a family member or loved one can be an overwhelming and emotional process.

I understand first hand the complexities involved in going through a lifetime of memories and possessions. At Benella, we're here to support you and make this journey as easy as possible. With years of experience in dealing with these situations, I will help alleviate the stress, confusion, and emotional burden associated with sorting through belongings, ensuring a smoother and more manageable experience for you.

bereavement what to do when someone dies
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