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Is your “to do” list the length of your arm with no time to get it done? The last thing you want to do after a busy week is spend your evenings and weekends opening mail, trying to call companies that are closed, paying bills etc.  You want to relax and enjoy your home life. 

Stop the list growing with Benella’s support.  With our assistance, all that can be taken care of on a regular or ad hoc basis with a highly confidential and discreet service.

Things Benella can do as a PA at home:

  • All personal admin, including opening mail and paying bills

  • Filing and organisation of home paperwork

  • Reminders of birthdays, anniversaries and renewal dates

  • Overseeing a second home in the area for peace of mind

  • Sourcing and managing of housekeepers, cleaners and gardeners

  • Grocery shopping ordering

  • Complaints, customers service calls and claims

  • Errand running – dry cleaners, post office, gift

  • Point of call for children boarding at Bedales school – Benella is located 5 minutes away

The above list is by no means exhaustive - please contact us if you have any other requirements.

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