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moving home


The thought of moving from a longterm family home to a smaller home or apartment is daunting for many.

What will I be able to take? Will it fit? How do I get rid of everything I can't take?

This is where Benella can help with many years experience of helping clients downsize.

Downsizing services provided:

  • Floor planning to know what furniture will fit where

  • Arranging removal surveys

  • Facilitating auction houses, charities and house clearance where required

  • Change of address paperwork support

  • Move day support and unpacking

Unpacking services moving home services home move


£45 per hour (minimum 3 hours)

unpacking services

How many people finally move and are then surrounded by boxes for months due to lack of time to unpack them? 

Busy people who have to go straight back to work, divorced parents who have to move out of the family home and find themselves in a new property, owners who are downsizing.

Whether any of the above apply to you or you just can’t bear the job, Benella can help by offering a 1 day unpacking service so that all the hard work is done for you.

An unpacking day will include:

  • Initial meeting/zoom prior to move to discuss what is required

  • Advice on packing at above meeting with plan for unpacking

  • Key rooms or all rooms (depending on size of property) unpacked

  • 6 hours of unpacking and organising

  • Flowers or wine as a welcome home gift

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An unpacking day costs £295

Admin support dealing with change of address paperwork can be provided with checklist and hands on support at £45 per hour


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Very popular in the USA, Home-staging is still a “down the list” option for people wanting to put their homes on the market in the UK.  Benella has 18 years experience of staging homes for sale  and has a proven track record.  Why wait till your home has sat on the market in this difficult economic climate and become stale – make sure your first impression is the right one.

Home-staging meeting will include:

  • Appraisal of whole property

  • Discussion of budget whether large or small to work within

  • Walk round your home with you so you can take notes

  • Suggestions to improve saleability

  • If required, advice on colour schemes and where to purchase items to stage

  • Guidance on estate agents in area (if required)

  • Advice on proven marketing techniques to improve chances of sale


Prices start from £135 for a 2 hour visit plus written report

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