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From camera roll chaos to culinary calm - 3 ways to organise your screenshot recipes

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How to avoid losing recipes in your camera roll...

We've all done it, seen a recipe that looks amazing on a website or social media, taken a screenshot and then it falls into the graveyard of our camera roll, never to be made. Good intentions are forgotten as in this digital age, our phones are full of photos and screenshots.

In this blog, we'll explore some easy ways and apps that will help organise your recipes and stop all the screenshots taking up space on your smartphone and in your mind.

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My top 3 tips:

1. Try the recipe first - Just the recipe is a fantastic website if you want to try a recipe before deciding if you want to keep it. Type in the URL and it will remove all the other bits that come from a blog and all the adverts. You have to pay for it if you want to print or save but just to try a recipe first it is a great platform to use.

2. RecipeBox - This is a great free app available for iPhone and Android phones. Like above, it saves just the recipe and instructions so once you know you want to keep a recipe, upload to this app. It has cloud function so if you save on your computer you will be able to view on your phone. There are other apps also that allow you to save recipes. I have used OrganizEat for years.

3. File and delete - the other option if you don't want to use an app is to create a folder on your phone/computer and file the screenshots in there. Notes on an iPhone is also useful as you can keep the photo.

The key is to not leave them sitting in your camera roll!

In conclusion, transforming your camera roll from a chaotic recipe graveyard into a well organised culinary treasure trove is easier than you think. Ensure you try the recipe first before filing away and then once you know you want to keep it, use either an app or a folder that aligns with your organisational style and cooking habits. Embrace the digital age of recipe management, and let these tips turn your scattered screenshots into a curated collection of culinary delights. Happy cooking!

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