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How to dry clothes inside without costing a fortune: My top tips for efficient indoor drying

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Need the washing dry but worried about the cost?

Now winter is here we have very rare days the laundry can go out on the washing line to dry. The financial cost of putting bedding and other laundry in the tumble dryer every time is certainly a factor in most households.

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1: Spin - sounds silly I know but make sure your spin cycle setting is on the highest number and then when the cycle is finished, spin again to ensure as much water as possible has been removed.

2: Heated airer - I am fairly new to these but I purchased one for my son when he was at University and with him moved away now, we have used it for a couple of years and it is fantastic.

Ensure as much of the surface area of the item is covered and if possible, cover the airer to keep the warmth in. Some come with their own covers but I simply use a sheet. It takes about 4 hours for cotton items to dry, longer for sweaters and denim.

3: Dehumidifier - a small one near where your laundry is drying is a brilliant way to take the moisture out of the air and get the washing dried quicker. My laundry room is in my integral garage which has no heating so my airers and dehumidifier are there and work a treat. Also low on running costs. These great items can also be used elsewhere in the home that is maybe subject to condensation or damp, they are portable so super easy to move around.


4: Tumble dryer ball - Sometimes using the tumble dryer cannot be helped. Items need finishing off or there is a panic for school uniform etc. These rapid dryer balls save energy, time and money using heat bounce technology. I use mine and it has made a noticeable difference.


Spinning twice and drying with a heated airer or a dehumidifier in the room (or both) will make your washing dry quicker and not cost a fortune. The dryer ball is then wonderful at keeping the cost lower if you do need to use your dryer.

Here are mine being used in my own home to get the job done.

Good luck and it will soon be spring again and we can put our laundry outside in the sun!


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