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40 easy items to declutter for lent for an organised and clutter free home

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As we head into the season of Lent, why not make it a time not just for spiritual reflection, but also for some good old decluttering fun? Imagine your home transformed into a relaxing space, free from the excess stuff that's been piling up. So, let's use this time to say goodbye to 40 items that have overstayed their welcome and make room for joy and order!

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40 items - one per day and where you can take them:

  1. Feb 14 - Outdated makeup and toiletries - check each bathroom and area that you store toiletries, recycle where possible. Some stores may take them in special recycling schemes.

  2. Feb 15 - Excess/expired food items - go through cupboards and create a pile of out of date or duplicate food. Recycle where possible. Excess items can be donated to local food banks.

  3. Feb 16 - Duplicate kitchen utensils - do you need 3 potato mashers? Donate to a local charity any that are not required, or recycle if possible.

  4. Feb 17 - Worn out towels - as not suitable for charity, repurpose as cleaning rags or donate to local animal shelter or vets.

  5. Feb 18 - Unused kitchen gadgets - regret the soup maker taking up cupboard space? Sell on a local site or donate to charity.

  6. Feb 19 - Mismatched socks - recycle as cleaning rags, use for craft project or recycle in fabric bin at local centre.

  7. Feb 20 - Excess hangers - return wire hangers to dry cleaner, donate others to charity if they are taking them or recycle/bin.

  8. Feb 21 - Old magazines - donate to local health centre or library or recycle.

  9. Feb 22 - Unwanted clothing - sell on eBay, Vinted or similar sites. Donate to charity or if in poor condition, recycle the items.

  10. Feb 23 - Broken or unused electronics - recycle at local centre or shop if they have a take back scheme.

  11. Feb 24 - Old and unused cables - check if local community groups could use them. Recycle if not.

  12. Feb 25 - Out of date paperwork - shred confidential documents and recycle other paper.

  13. Feb 26 - Expired medication - take to local pharmacy for correct disposal. Some local centres will take empty blister packs.

  14. Feb 27 - Boxes - no need to keep all boxes for a rainy day - recycle.

  15. Feb 28 - Old pens and markers - recycle if possible. Some office supply stores will take them.

  16. Feb 29 - Extra or unused bedding - donate to charity. Recycle or donate to local animal shelter if too used for charity. also take bedding at their stores.

  17. Mar 01 - Old phone cases - donate to charity or recycle if possible.

  18. Mar 02 - Outgrown or unused children's toys - ensuring they are in good condition for safety, donate to charity or local schools/childcare facilities.

  19. Mar 03 - Empty or old candles - clean out and repurpose jars or recycle where possible.

  20. Mar 04 - Chipped dishes - break up and repurpose in the garden for drainage in plant pots or bin them.

  21. Mar 05 - Unused vases or decor - sell if possible or donate to local charities.

  22. Mar 06 - Expired condiments in fridge - empty and recycle containers. Refill shops will often be happy to take clean and empty containers.

  23. Mar 07 - Excess coffee mugs - sell or donate to charities.

  24. Mar 08 - Old receipts - shred/burn anything sensitive and then recycle.

  25. Mar 09 - Broken jewellery and accessories - recycle the metal components and donate or repurpose other parts.

  26. Mar 10 - Old calendars - recycle where possible. Some pictures could be donated to someone wanting a craft project.

  27. Mar 11 - Unread or unwanted books - donate to charities, book banks or other schemes which will take them.

  28. Mar 12 - Unwanted pet supplies - check with local shelters and vets.

  29. Mar 13 - Unwanted or old rucksacks - donate to local schools or charities.

  30. Mar 14 - Unused gift wrap and gift bags - if you cannot use them, list on freegiving site or donate to charities.

  31. Mar 15 - Unwanted holiday decorations - donate to charities but make sure it is to close to the correct season as they won't want to store them. Or freecycle schemes.

  32. Mar 16 - Empty or half-used cleaning products - follow local guidelines for safe disposal or donate to a food bank recycling scheme.

  33. Mar 17 - Unwanted or outgrown shoes - donate to charity or in local shoe recycling bins/programs.

  34. Mar 18 - Excess plastic containers - recycle where possible.

  35. Mar 19 - Old warranties - check you still have the item and it is in date. Most instructions can be found on the internet.

  36. Mar 20 - Non sentimental or no longer wanted greeting cards - keep ones you want in a memory box and recycle others where possible.

  37. Mar 21 - Hotel toiletries - donate to local recycling scheme or in a store.

  38. Mar 22 - Old tools - donate to a local "Men's shed" scheme or recycle where appropriate.

  39. Mar 23 - Alcohol no longer wanted - donate to friends or empty down the sink and recycle the bottles.

  40. Mar 24 - Garden pots - use a freecycle scheme or give to local garden centre for them to use.

If you need further help on where items can be donated and recycled, click below to go to my Useful Info recycling guide.

In conclusion, so there you have it my clutter crusaders! By giving these 40 items the boot, you're not just tidying up your physical space but making room for your home to flow freely. Let this Lent be more than just a season of reflection and giving up chocolate. Happy decluttering, and may your Lent be as light and bright as your newly organised space!

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