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Travel Hacks - 5 top tips for an organised summer holiday

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Getting organised prior to taking a trip makes any holiday much more relaxing

Who wants to go on holiday and leave the house or arrive at their destination stressed? Certainly not me. As a professional organiser, some people think I will be ready weeks in advance. Not the case, but I do start to think about it at least a week in advance so I am not rushing before hand. I once had a friend who said she couldn't come to a BBQ 4 days before she was going away as she was taking the day to plan outfits and match accessories - I did laugh, this is something I have never done! I wear the same jewellery, take one bag for the evening and take mix and match clothes. I also have friends who throw random clothes in a suitcase the morning of the trip and take full size toiletries which take up loads of room and weight (this made me more stressed but her birthday gift that year was all to do with travelling more organised)!

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So lets get those suitcases ready and get organised for a stress free holiday...

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woman at airport ready to fly abroad with a hot pink small suitcase and a water bottle looking excited to travel

my top tips:

Travel Documents:

Ensure your passport is in date with at least 6 months left before it expires.

Check your insurance covers your destination and any activities you may be doing.

Keep all documents easily accessible and safe. Take a photograph of yours and any family members' passports on your smart phone as a back up. Keep a copy of insurance and destination addresses.

If you have an iphone, text your flight number to yourself and any loved ones. You can then hold down on the flight number within the text and click "preview flight". Time, gate and any delays will then show and are updated live.


Plan what you will need a few days in advance so you can ensure they are clean. Choose clothes that are mix and match and layers. I always travel with a pashmina or long thin cardigan for a flight, even if I am going to a hot country to avoid being cold on the airplane.

Use a lightweight suitcase, ensure it fits the airline size regulations and is not overweight. I also highly recommend wheeled cases which are much easier to transport.

Take a bag to place dirty laundry in, this it easier when you come home or are using laundry facilities at your destination.

I cannot stress enough how brilliant compression packing cubes are. I suggest packing like with like within the cubes - t-shirts and tops, linen trousers and shorts, going out outfits, underwear etc.

Roll items up to keep creases to a minimum and put in the cubes. If needed, use the compression function to create even more space.

You can pack items within the cubes (uncompressed) and simply put in the drawers at your destination. Hang any items up straight away and if creased, hang in bathroom and after a steamy shower the creases will come out. Here are my absolute favourite compression packing cubes. My daughter managed 6 weeks in Asia with a few of these in her rucksack!

hot pink compression packing cubes from Amazon
My favourite compression packing cubes


Consider buying larger items when you arrive rather than packing shampoo and conditioner etc. for the whole family.

Decant what you can into smaller travel containers, label with a label maker or Sharpie so you know what they are. If you wear perfume then use a travel atomiser.

Ensure you take what you need in hand luggage if going on a long haul flight and keep the liquids under 100ml.

Sun protection is often cheaper at the airport in Duty Free so worth leaving space in your hand luggage to purchase there and take with you.


Put an Apple AirTag in your luggage incase it goes missing. You can then keep it on any bag or keys that you need to keep track of once you have arrived.

Ensure someone has your itinerary as a back up should anything happen.

Let any hotel reception staff or someone you have met know if you are heading out solo for the day.

Use apps such as find my iphone and Life360 to share your location with trusted family and friends.

Click here for all my favourite travel items to keep you organised and safe.


When booking any trip on the internet, use a private browser/incognito mode so you don't get caught out by the prices going up due to their algorithms.

Shop around for insurance to ensure you are getting the best cover. Check to see if you already have cover via credit card of home insurance policy.

Use a credit card or money card that doesn't charge for use abroad. You don't want to come home to find lots of charges each time you used it.

Also always pay in local currency when prompted.

NEVER get currency at the airport - it will always be the worst rate so get in advance.

Conclusion: By planning and organising in advance, your holiday will be less stressful making it more enjoyable. Use my FREE travel checklist to help get organised.

Let me know in the comments if you do any of these and please share with anyone who will also find these tips useful.


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